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ADHD Wreaking Havoc on Marriage

ADHD Wreaking Havoc on Marriage

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may be more prevalent than we know, and it may be taking a toll on marriage. Findings suggest that many adults with the disorder never received a diagnosis as children. They’ve learned to compensate at work but at home they are distracted and forgetful, which often leads to conflict and high levels of distress; many of these marriages end in divorce.

Problems are part of any relationship, but if one of the partners has ADHD, it can make matters much worse. One partner is left to carry the bulk of the family responsibilities and resentments build up. Once the ADHD is recognized, however, the couple can get help. Medications help but treatment often requires therapy for both partners: talk therapy can help reduce accumulated resentments and behavioral therapy can provide coping strategies.

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