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Systems toxicology approach to biomarker discovery and application

Recent research in neurotoxicology has underscored the importance of chemical exposures as facilitators of neurological dysfunction.

Of the [ADHD] drug's effects he said, "It was instant; it fixed everything...All these problems that had ailed me my whole life were gone."

A new study on gender differences in ADHD-depression overlap found each ADHD symptom significantly worsened depression.

The relative risk of CV events with methylphenidate is generally low; however risk of MI may be higher in the early days after initiation.

Useful information about mood disorders in 3 key areas—bipolar disorder, comorbid ADHD and depression, and suicide risk.

Rising costs and changing treatment trends have sparked concerns about quality of care.

Three new studies in children with ADHD reveal an association with seizures, the benefits of after-school exercise, and brain changes linked to treatment.


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