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Editors' picks this month include stories on ECT, schizophrenia, the Paris attacks, nutritional psychiatry (really), and the prescription opioid epidemic.

For PTSD in psychiatrists and other mental health care providers to be addressed, a major shift in medical culture and thinking is needed.

The glutamate model of schizophrenia proposes that dysfunction will involve which brain regions?

Although college students are in many ways similar to any patient in their age group, their environment and stressors differ in significant ways. The authors identify issues to consider in assessing and managing suicidality in this population.


Protecting patient information is an essential part of maintaining patient trust.

A poem written by a psychiatrist: "A faith in human kindness lost, abandonment with lasting cost."

To honor him beyond his professional skills, let us learn some important medical lessons from the life and death of Robin Williams.

This article reviews DSM-5 changes to symptom criteria for bipolar disorder. The primary focus is on the diagnosis and treatment of mania and hypomania.

Results from a major study provide evidence that coordinated specialty care can improve outcomes for first episode psychosis. Dr Insel writes about the RAISE project and other recent studies of coordinated care.

A report on Medicaid and Medicare fraud, excessive waste, and frivolous expenditures—all at the expense of those who suffer from psychiatric illness.


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