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Methods of identifying and understanding the intricacies of psychosis in clinical settings.

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In an international network of patients with bipolar illness, more offspring of US patients than of those from Europe had received a mental illness diagnosis. This suggests greater epigenetic vulnerability in Americans.

How to make cognitive behavioral therapy for psychosis feasible in a busy practice with limited resources.

How generalizable are the results of depression treatment studies? Which factors predict readmission and length of stay in inpatients with mood disorders?


To neglect the cultural components of any given diagnosis or behavior, to ignore the role of culture-based individual attitudes, beliefs or practices in the face of adversity, would be a disservice.


The CDC and FDA have -- at last -- recognized that there might be something of a problem in the way opiates are prescribed!


Broaching the subject of changing behaviors can be daunting. Motivational interviewing may make these conversations easier.

In this study, about 70% of patients who completed suicide had recently sought treatment. Will you recognize those at risk?

Is creativity augmented or inhibited by mental illness? Insights from 4 case studies of troubled yet brilliant minds.


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