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When ADHD is present, a survey of possible lead exposure can be considered, and here's why.

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On the association between symptoms of autism spectrum disorder with environmental toxin exposure.

Systems toxicology approach to biomarker discovery and application

An update on the co-occurrence of psychological casualty with neurotoxic reactions in both the emergency and aftermath settings.

Brain areas affected by methamphetamine neurotoxicity

Here: devastating short- and long-term behavioral and physiological effects of methamphetamine neurotoxicity and the implications for treatment.


When should ECT be first-line treatment? What’s the minimum duration of antidepressant therapy? Answer these questions and more.

Here we present an excerpt from a screenplay to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps.

A recent meta-analysis shows this adjunctive agent reduces residual symptoms of psychopathology as well as body weight.


Psychiatrists are playing an ever-increasing role in the evaluation and care of organ transplant candidates and living organ donors—before and after transplant.


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