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Will the new Administration disrupt mental health coverage in this country?


A personal account of a psychiatrist whose brother died by suicide.

Editors' picks for recent stories in mental health, including Executive orders and "Islamophobia,” effect of parental obesity on childhood development, personality, and global mental health.

Finding a smartphone health app can be a challenge for both patients and physicians. A new evaluation model can help guide informed decision-making.

Marijuana-related problems fall well within the scope of psychiatric practice: many patients use marijuana, which is likely to affect their psychiatric symptoms and response to treatment.

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We teach every intern how to find the place where they can lay down a silver stethoscope and listen to everything...

What do functional magnetic resonance neuroimaging findings reveal about the neurobiology of borderline personality disorder? Take the quiz and learn more.

Cognitive problems have historically been the last to be recognized and treated. The Psychiatric Times Special Report on Cognitive Disorders turns the tables on that notion.

Highlights of 3 recent studies that focus on psychiatric disorders in older adults.

The goal of clinically relevant detection of neuropathological hallmarks may be in sight.


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