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Can cardiovascular fitness help older adults ward off dementia?

What’s the optimal approach for patients with treatment-resistant schizophrenia?


The Psychiatric Transition Program at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego is a specialized first-episode psychosis program that provides coordinated specialty care to active-duty service members with serious mental illness.

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Here's an overview of motivation for assaults by chronically aggressive inpatients and steps to de-escalate.

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The authors review the association between depression and violence, and the role that anger and emotional dysregulation play.


There is no predictive tool that is likely to have validity for rare outcomes such as terrorist attacks. More here.


How could this have happened? What could you do to keep yourself and your team safe from another code white?

The APA's historic Position Statement provides guidance for psychiatrists in the face of a rapidly changing landscape of social values and expectations of medical services. Details here.

These studies shed light on the relationship between exercise and depression in children and adolescents.


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