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Do atypical antipsychotics increase the risk of major malformations among exposed infants?

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Clinicians have a powerful voice that can be used to address cyberbullying, improve campus climate, and support a positive undergraduate experience.

Check out what's new in schizophrenia research, personality disorders, patient education, integrative psychiatry, addiction, and more.


Clinical traditions are important, but they can become ossified as the “right way to treat addiction.” So, we need to turn a sharp, skeptical eye on treatment models.

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While most clinicians know about Huntington disease, they may not be aware of its devastating effect in cognition and behavior during onset in childhood and adolescence.

Ethics case quiz: A patient's inconsistent decisions regarding treatment are cause for concern. What to do?

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Here are four recent studies that provide clinically relevant information on medication management of bipolar disorder in youths.

Drained physicians who don't practice self care may harm themselves and their patients. Here's one way to take a breather.

For too long the treatment needs of the seriously mentally ill have been ignored by SAMSHA, and this needs to change, says this psychiatrist.


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