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Clinical Manual of Sexual Disorders

Clinical Manual of Sexual Disorders

This 3-part manual on sexual disorders is edited by 2 psychiatrists who have been engaged for more than 20 years in the clinical treatment of patients with sexual problems. Drs Balon and Segraves bring their rich experience to this field. Patients who have sexual disorders need extra time to present their questions of doubt, confusion, misunderstanding, and perhaps guilt and shame. They also need clarification and understanding—and possible answers and reassurance.

Sex education in the home remains a wonderful rarity. In the past 2 to 4 decades, accurate sex education has finally become readily available in the United States—a result of sexual research. However, few physicians can say they received adequate sex education as children from parents comfortable enough to sit them down and say, “Sex is good. Let me tell you about the positives and negatives.”

Sexual silence at home and in most classrooms continues to allow much misinformation to remain. Early sexual experiences—while secret and exciting—can inevitably develop into fears, guilt, doubts, and ignorance. Some patients may require inquiry and discussion of sexual matters in individual therapeutic settings.

Therefore, many physicians will benefit from this interesting and readable paperback. It is well organized, and it includes contributions by clinical specialists and an indexed section to assist in rapid reference. Clinical Manual of Sexual Disorders is of great benefit to any patient, either gender, single or partnered. I highly recommend it for every physician’s bookshelf and for personal reading.

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