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With a dearth of coders thanks to the ICD-10 transition, some practices find that training current staff is the best way to get good coders.

Health care reform, the patient-centered medical home, and the impact of environmental change on global health are just a few of the topics to be discussed at the Internal Medicine 2009 Medicine 2009 in Philadelphia this week.

In need of a second opinion.

Being pushed out of radiology versus leaving on your own volition.

“We were surprised to find that SSRIs and other antidepressants aren’t very effective at keeping depressed patients out of hospital.”

Among the topics covered in this year's noteworthy studies: lithium and suicide prevention, mixed depression, and light therapy.

How to bring an idea to the market.

What should prescribers of controlled substances keep in mind when working with patients with substance use disorders? Take the quiz and learn more.

Imaging helps identify ADHD in children and may also distinguish among subtypes of the condition.

Paying tribute to Bill Bradley, “Dr. MRI.”

Radiologic imaging shows brain chemistry changes in teens who are addicted to smart phones and the internet.

CT combined with 3D printing accurately reproduced damaged parts of the middle ear.

Advanced technology, more confusion.

Magnetic resonance images show brain changes among adolescents who are obese.

There is a lot left to learn about deep learning.

If history serves as a guide, psychologists are likely to obtain prescriptive authority in significant portions of the country within the next 10 years.

These common conditions may affect the risk of Alzheimer disease or the ability to cope with daily activities.

What underlies the higher prevalence of Alzheimer disease among older African Americans?

Radiologists in the emergency department can help advocate for patients with opioid-use disorders.


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