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The ICD-10 transition will continue into the next year for practices. Here are some tips you’ll need to take in 2016.


With a dearth of coders thanks to the ICD-10 transition, some practices find that training current staff is the best way to get good coders.

Health care reform, the patient-centered medical home, and the impact of environmental change on global health are just a few of the topics to be discussed at the Internal Medicine 2009 Medicine 2009 in Philadelphia this week.

Overall, the field of transplantation, as a whole, provides an abundance of opportunities for the psychiatrist to contribute to the knowledge base and to the ongoing care of individuals undergoing extraordinary treatments.

If you're starting to feel physically ill over the 2016 Presidential election and are worried about who will win, one physician knows what you have.


One doctor and her husband made a huge mistake in not being proactive with asset protection. It cost them dearly.

Renal and hepatic disease put your patients at high risk for vaccine-preventable disease. Find out what you know about how to protect them.


What does mandated electronic prescribing have to do with that old show, Twilight Zone?

If you are attending this year’s Medical Group Management Association conference in San Francisco, here are nine things to put on your agenda.

Keith Chew

For independent practices worried the future means merging or an acquisition, collaboration may be the key to survival.

Clint Flanagan, MD

Once considered elitist, direct primary care practices are gaining ground with physicians and patients alike.

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Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton? Many physicians are having a hard time picking either and healthcare isn't the reason why.

Do HIV patients need a MenACWY booster? Can pregnant women receive the HPV vaccine? Answers and more quiz questions, here.

Jon Morris

Before your practice enacts major changes to its physician compensation, take it slow and get everyone on board early, experts say.

MRI shows brain changes in children who play football even if not diagnosed with concussion.


One independent doctor says that he treats his career as a profession, not as a job. As such, hurricanes don't stop him from practicing medicine.

Will Latham

Independent practices are facing an abundance of challenges from external factors. One consultant is looking to help them through case-study learning.

Reviewing your software programs, logins, and EHR users can not only save you money, it should be a quarterly requirement in your medical practice.

A growing body of scientific literature associates psychiatric symptoms with man-made toxic substances and environmental exposure. Practical implications for psychiatrists are discussed in this Special Report collection.


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