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MRI reveals when cognitive impairment will advance

MRI reveals when cognitive impairment will advance

Swiss researchers using susceptibility- weighted MRI and an artificial intelligence technique identified a method that may help determine which individuals with mild cognitive impairment will continue to decline.

Susceptibility-weighted MRI measures magnetic susceptibility phase-effect differences between tissues. Using the technique, researchers were able to view details of the blood vessels in the brain, including microhemorrhages and microbleeds.

The scans revealed microbleeds in 33% of subjects with stable mild cognitive impairment. They uncovered microbleeds in 54% of those with progressive cognitive impairment and in 14% of the controls.

The researchers also analyzed the data with support vector technology that used algorithms to identify patterns within a group and create classifications. By adding the support vector technology to the baseline MRI data they were able to distinguish patients with mild cognitive impairment with 85% accuracy.

The study appeared online Oct. 5 (Radiol doi:10.1148/radiol.10100612).


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