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A New and Better Search Engine for Psychiatrists

A New and Better Search Engine for Psychiatrists

In 2006, Psychiatric Times upgraded
its Web site (www.PsychiatricTimes.
com) to make it more user-friendly
and to provide more features of interest
to our readers. As another step to enhance
the value of the Web site, Psychiatric
Times recently introduced a new
search engine—SearchMedica/Psychiatry.
This tool has been added to enable
users of our Web site to search not only
the Times's archives but also the psychiatric
print literature, Medline, and other
carefully selected and screened Internet
sites in a manner that is very practitioner-

What makes SearchMedica/
Psychiatry better?

  • It uses only sources screened for reliability
    and interest to psychiatrists, so
    that it will retrieve only professionalquality
    information, with no unfiltered
    consumer Web sites of dubious
  • It includes practical journals and other
    sources of information that you
    can use daily, rather than being limited
    only to the research literature.
  • It allows you to view your results by
    "Categories" of information that
    physician advisors have identified as
    being most important to practitioners.

How to use the power of
SearchMedica's Categories

Just type a topic or question in the query
box and click on Search. If the initial results
displayed in the center column
seem to be the topic you are after, look
over to the gray boxes at the left of your

Are you most interested in Practical
Articles and News
? Then click on this
Category and the display will change to
show only this subset of your search results.
Do you want to see what key opinion
leaders have to say about your
query? Then click on Research Reviews
and Editorials

Do you have a patient you might
want to refer for inclusion in a clinical
trial? Use the Clinical Trials for Patients Category. Interested in evidence-based
medicine? Click on the Evidencebased
Articles and Meta-analyses
Or if you are looking for Practice
, select that button. Want to
earn CME credit while filling in a gap in
your knowledge base? Choose the Continuing
Medical Education
And if you are interested in exploring alternative
treatments or learning how
such treatments your patient may already
be using might interact with the
therapies you are prescribing, use the
Alternative-Complementary Medicine

In addition to these useful Categories,
SearchMedica will soon be introducing
a search Category for Patient Education
, such as brochures and
other handouts to help your patients understand
their condition and follow prescribed

Finally, SearchMedica offers a feedback
function so that you can let the developers
of the engine know whether a
search was helpful to you and provide
them with feedback they can use to
make the engine even more useful and


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