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From Pedophilia to Addiction

From Pedophilia to Addiction

In This Report:

From Pedophilia to Addiction, Robert T. Segraves, MD

Female Sexual Dysfunction, Leonard R. Derogatis, PhD

Psychopathology and Personality Traits of Pedophiles, Lisa J. Cohen and Igor Galynker

Sexual Addiction Update, Aviel Goodman, MD

The study and treatment of human sexual problems should fall under the purview of clinical psychiatry. Sexual behavior is an important factor in most of our patients’ lives and may help define their sense of competence and serve as a force leading to interpersonal bonding. Epidemiological studies have shown a high prevalence of sexual problems in the general population. Other studies have shown a high incidence of symptoms of sexual dysfunction in affective, anxiety, and psychotic disorders. Often, sexual dysfunction is one of the adverse effects of many of the psychopharmacological agents that are prescribed.

Psychiatry with its biopsychosocial model is the logical medical specialty to investigate the impact of diverse biological, psychological, and interpersonal factors involved in sexual behavior. The 3 articles in this Special Report address, with insight and care, the impact of these factors as they relate to female sexuality, sexual addiction, and pedophilia.

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