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Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine

Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine

The Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine is the professional home for psychiatrists providing collaborative care bridging physical and mental health. Our over 1200 members offer psychiatric treatment in general medical hospitals, primary care, and outpatient medical settings for patients with comorbid medical conditions.

More information on the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine can be found at www.apm.org


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Access to illicit drugs is now as easy as a few swipes on a smartphone. Here's a primer for clinicians who aren't well acquainted with this trend and who aren’t familiar with the many substances themselves.

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Here: a look at the associations between negative psychological states and CV health, physiologic and health behavior mechanisms, and ways to diagnose and treat depression and anxiety disorders.


Psychiatrists are playing an ever-increasing role in the evaluation and care of organ transplant candidates and living organ donors—before and after transplant.

The authors parse myths and facts about decisional capacity, with the goal of preserving patients' dignity and autonomy and helping you mediate conflicts, meet bioethical challenges, and provide compassionate resolutions.


To support patients with breast cancer, psychiatrists should be aware of possible medication interactions, psychiatric or neurologic adverse effects of treatment, and signs of disease progression-—issues that are the focus here.


When timely psychiatric care or consultation is difficult or impossible to obtain, telepsychiatry may be an acceptable, economical, and effective alternative.

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Because over half of persons with HIV infection have a lifetime history of depression or bipolar disorder, psychiatrists are uniquely positioned to provide both preventive and therapeutic interventions to vulnerable patients.


This article summarizes clinically relevant advances in the psychiatric care of women during and after pregnancy, including recent changes in how the FDA classifies pregnancy risk for medications, and best practices in perinatal psychopharmacology.

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