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Doses over 7.5 mSv of radiation from cardiac CTA cause cellular damage.

For this “10 Questions” series, we spoke with Bruce Reiner, MD, about his work and the future of radiology.

Multi detector computed tomography for autoimmune pancreatitis may not provide fully accurate diagnosis if abnormalities are detected.

Magnetic resonance imaging shows that women have changes in the brain’s gray matter volume after stimulant addiction.

Cerebral lesions of 3 mm or smaller, detected by MRI, may increase risk of stroke and death.

Imaging with electron beam tomography or CT helps determine plaque build-up in coronary artery calcification among asymptomatic patients.

Mammography screening detects small cancers without affecting large breast cancer detection rate or mortality from breast cancer.

Physicians can use MRI and CT scan to measure exercise limitations and understand symptoms among patients with COPD.

Breast imaging, specifically mammography and ultrasound, are at highest risk for medicolegal claims.

Performing routine abdominal and pelvic CTs does not increase detection of cancer among patients with unprovoked venous thromboembolism.


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