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Diagnostic Imaging Staff

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The type of imaging processing used in digital mammography has an impact on detection of calcification clusters.

Two more radiographic signs for gastric band slippage have been identified.

General practitioners in Australia are increasingly ordering imaging tests, with an increase of 45 percent over the past decade.

PET with [18 F]flutemetamol can assist physicians in early and more accurate diagnosis of early onset dementia.

Brain PET and age may help clinicians determine which patients with amnestic mild cognitive disorder may progress on to probable Alzheimer’s disease.

Magnetic resonance imaging of pregnant patients with suspected appendicitis improves resource use, study finds.

Ultrasounds can help identify pneumonia and its progression in children without exposure to ionizing radiation.

Magnetic resonance images reveal characteristics of breast cancer can differ depending on age.

Use of MRI to visualize white matter may help clinicians predict progression of MS.

Analysis of imaging performed immediately following the Boston Marathon bombings allowed researchers to improve the emergency response system.


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