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Radiation used for medical imaging is not harmful, according to a recent study.

Meditation and music during imaging-guided breast biopsy can change the woman's experience.

Image interpretation and accuracy may be effectively measured with a new software program.

Diffusion-tensor MRI algorithm may help physicians evaluate patients with mild traumatic brain injury and post-trauma migraines.

MRI distinguishes brain lesions, possibly supplementing existing diagnostic algorithms

Screening CTC rarely finds extracolonic findings among asymptomatic patients, but many are clinically significant.

Online imaging sharing allows for easy access of imaging tests, but is it less secure?

Use of CT imaging among emergency department patients with non-serious injuries has increased significantly.

Children undergoing integrated PET/MRI for solid tumor diagnosis likely do not need gadolinium contrast.

Repeated digital mammography to screen for breast cancer may increase the risk for breast cancer.


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