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Disparities in radiation doses from CT scans in different countries.

MRI may still be possible for some patients with non-conditional cardiac implantable electronic devices.

MRI in the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium meets most BI-RADS benchmarks.

Utility of both PI-RADS version 2 and MRI-ultrasound fusion biopsy for diagnosing prostate cancer.

Routine mammography does not detect more cancers among high-risk women who undergo annual screening with MRI.

There are significant differences between women who use mobile units for breast cancer screening compared with those who attend cancer centers.

FDG imaging vs PET/MR for diagnosing children with suspected localization-related epilepsy.

Use of contrast enhanced MRI in diagnosing children with a perforated appendix.

Digital tomosynthesis versus DR following hand and wrist surgery with hardware.

MRI may help physicians identify patients with Parkinson’s disease who may develop visual hallucinations.


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