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MRI shows brain changes in children who play football even if not diagnosed with concussion.

Combined PET/MRI may help detect some but not all metastases from breast cancer.

More women with dense breast tissue underwent supplemental screening following implementation of the New Jersey Breast Density Law.

On-call resident radiologists' discrepancy rates, according to a retrospective review.

Breast lesion categorization compared between tomosynthesis and 2D mammography.

Use of evidence-based clinical decision support helps ED physicians detect more PE.

Hospitals that provide pediatric nuclear medicine services reduce dose when sticking to guidelines.

Few hospitals offer online material regarding mammograms that are easily understood by the general public.

Use of machine learning algorithms to read thyroid nodule ultrasounds helpful, particularly for less experienced radiologists.

Radiologists' use of CAD systems as a second reader to catch missed nodules during lung cancer screening.


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