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Coronary CT angiography shows significantly greater increase in noncalcified plaque volume among older men who use testosterone gel.

Shifting from film to digital technology for diagnostic mammography has improved cancer detection, and increased the abnormal interpretation rate.

Low dose CT for lung cancer screening exposes patients to radiation doses versus the risk of missing treatable cancers.

Effect of multimedia in radiology reports.

Study shows using MR imaging for breast screening among women with average cancer risk improves early diagnosis.

False-positive mammograms may result in women delaying their next screening mammogram.

Breast percentage density estimations with synthesized 2D breast imaging versus standard-dose mammograms.

Effect of routine shoulder X-rays after shoulder arthroplasty on post-operative patient management.

Appendiceal sonograms may help clinicians tell which patients have uncomplicated versus complicated appendicitis.

Low-dose CT for lung cancer screening among Veterans Health Administration patients will require substantial clinical effort.


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