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Diagnostic Imaging Staff

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Women still not entering radiology residencies, taking leadership roles, despite increased awareness of gender disparity.

More radiology resources necessary for obese patients.

More image guided percutaneous core needle biopsies and image guided percutaneous automated vacuum assisted biopsies are performed.

Since the peak of medical imaging costs in 2006, all states but Maryland and Oregon, have seen decreases in spending in this area.

Pre- and postcontrast chest CTs are done more often by nonradiologists than radiologists.

MRI may determine which women at risk for breast cancer most need supplemental screening, based on their BPE levels.

Noncontrast MRI out-of-pocket expenses vary quite a bit depending on geography and population.

Nonradiologists are receiving over half of Medicare payments for diagnostic radiology procedures.

Magnetic resonance imaging shows lower digit span scores among women with MTBI.

Radiation exposure during angiography might be decreased if radiologists can view the images on wide screens.


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