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Douglas G. Burnette Jr., MD, CFP®

Douglas G. Burnette Jr., MD, CFP®

Douglas G. Burnette Jr., MD, CFP®, has been a practicing radiologist for more than 30 years. He also started a second career in wealth management and continues to practice radiology part time as an independent contractor.

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Leaving the radiology trenches.

Douglas G. Burnette

Radiology, as we know it, is over.

Radiologists can only do so much.

Other industries have mandatory retirement ages, should radiology?

Veterans aren’t receiving the care they deserve, says this radiologist.

Will technology make the radiologist obsolete one day?

Mentors need to step in for what medical school doesn’t teach radiologists, like preparing for retirement.

Long hours can decrease a radiologist’s productivity, how should we handle the increasing workload?

Radiologists might find that planning for and enjoying retirement is more challenging than expected.

There was a time when radiologists only had to worry about determining the appropriate study and diagnosing the patient.


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