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KrisEmily McCrory, MD

KrisEmily McCrory, MD

KrisEmily McCrory, MD, practices full-spectrum, academic family medicine in upstate New York. She graduated from Albany Medical College and stayed on for her residency. She is an avid reader, lover of pumpkin cheesecake, and an often exhausted mother of three.

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This family medicine doc weighs the satisfaction of the job with the various challenges — finan-cial or otherwise — she faces.


After the past year, it's imperative that we improve ourselves and our communities instead of lay-ing blame or complaining at the condition of our world.


With the future of healthcare as uncertain as ever, now is the time for physicians to step up and take a leadership role.

Physicians understand there is nothing voluntary about MOC, and failing to maintain certification can lead to negative professional outcomes.

A better EHR might seem to be the solution to many physicians' frustrations, but in reality, oppressive quality markers are at the heart of the problem.

Because the replacement for Medicare's SGR is complex and potentially difficult to participate in, physicians must arm themselves with knowledge.

Death can haunt those of us in the business of healing. Despite our best efforts to stave it off, we ultimately find that we have little control over its arrival.

Every year I continue to feel blessed to be a physician. I would never say it is easy, but I have yet to find myself wanting any other career.


We need to accept that identical medical offices with rigid protocols may not serve our individual patient populations in the best manner.

This full-scope family physician worries that compartmentalizing medicine hinders doctors from fully understanding their patients.


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