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Whitney L.J. Howell

Whitney L.J. Howell

Whitney L.J. Howell is a freelance journalist for Diagnostic Imaging and Rheumatology Network. Based in Durham, NC, Whitney has covered the healthcare industry and medicine for more than a decade in newspapers, magazines, and trade publications. When she’s not writing, she enjoys painting and playing classical piano. E-mail her at whitneyljhowell@gmail.com.

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Tips for radiologists on maximizing their relationships.

CHICAGO—Radiologists need to lead change or risk damaging the field, according to experts at RSNA 2015.

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CHICAGO—Discussed at RSNA 2015, EHRs have not lived up to the accessibility they promised.

CHICAGO—Advice given at RSNA 2015 on preparing radiologists for the new field of radiology.

CHICAGO—Guidance from experts at RSNA 2015 on maximizing the radiology residency experience.

CHICAGO—Experts advise at RSNA 2015 what radiologists need to know about informed consent.

CHICAGO—How radiologists should navigate the job or fellowship interview process.

CHICAGO—Advice for radiologists on communicating effectively with patients.

But at what turnaround time, do radiologists start to compromise quality?


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