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New PET/MR technology from researchers at the University of Oslo promises same-time scanning with less radiation.

The rapid shift to VNAs for image storage and sharing will affect purchasing decisions and image management. Here’s what you need to know about the impact.

The future of image storage will depend upon some type of neutrality. Whether that storage is PACS neutral or archive neutral depends on facility preference.

Chris Tomlinson, of Radiology Associates of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, discusses the benefits of vendor neutral archives for storing and sharing images.

Last fall, the FDA examined MRI safety concerns and ways to reduce injuries. But the industry hasn’t received national guidance on accomplishing this goal.

The latest proposed cuts to radiology reimbursement are “arbitrary” and “unfounded,” and will negatively impact practice management and patient care, industry leaders say.

It’s a tough job market for radiologists with many groups holding back on new hires. Here are six tips for improve your employment chances.

Optical ultrasound tomography holds promise for color imaging brain traumas to breast cancers. The head of one start-up venture explains this new technology.

From selecting a vendor to picking the right machine, here are some points to consider when purchasing refurbished equipment.

Financial incentives designed to control medical imaging use aren’t working as expected, even in settings without a fee-for-service payment model, researchers found. But industry leaders say the data indicates that utilization has actually decreased.


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