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Neurodevelopment Risk and the Autism Spectrum

An update on the major findings on the biology of ASDs and advances in diagnostic and interventional strategies. ©RagonImages/Shutterstock


Although Asperger disorder is now included as part of the overall autism spectrum disorder, some say Pandora’s box has been opened.

©Bruce Rolff/Shutterstock.com

Math capabilities of children with autism may be on par with those of typically developing children, but not so with language.

© shutterstock.com

On the association between symptoms of autism spectrum disorder with environmental toxin exposure.


Setting the record straight on the burgeoning field of reproductive psychiatry.


Rates of severe mental illness in children and adolescents have dropped 16% since 1996, according to a new study. The lead author explains possible reasons for this surprising finding and concludes: "We're moving in the right direction!"

An expert discusses the clinical, biological, and genetic components of de novo mutations and autism spectrum disorders.

Maternal exposure to air pollution during pregnancy may be a contributing factor in the development of autism in offspring, new research shows.


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