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CrowdStudying Ourselves: Approaches to Bipolar Disorders

CrowdStudying Ourselves: Approaches to Bipolar Disorders

Table. Prevalence of bipolar disorder in US population


What do practicing psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners (and soon, the growing number of prescribing psychologists) actually think? How do they make choices with patients? Not treatment guidelines, but real decisions by front-line providers?

You can help answer these questions. You’d probably like to see answers from your colleagues as well. So, please partake. This will be a series of 2- or 3-question queries with explanations and data for each. I’ll add a synthesis of the series when we have a large N.

Patients and families: welcome!  Please select the “patients and families” option in each question to keep our data meaningful.

Bipolar Queries, Part 1: Prevalence

Question 1.

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