Bipolar Disorder

The Bipolar Depression Question

With the multitude of nutritional products, psychiatrists need to be prepared to respond to patients' questions about the value of supplements.

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Bipolar Disorder

Mood disorders in older adults are neither inevitable nor particularly resistant to treatment. With attention to the special needs of older patients during evaluation, treatment, and follow up, clinicians can help many patients derive greater enjoyment from their later years.

The authors emphasize the importance of risk and protective factors and risk prediction models; analyze the growing evidence base for preventive interventions; and describe the concept of mental health promotion.

Several recent studies show an association between influenza during pregnancy and risk of bipolar -- particularly bipolar psychosis.

Evidence suggests that co-occurrence with ADHD is a marker of preadolescent-onset mania. This slideshow provides some evidence for you to decide whether this form of very early-onset mania represents a developmental subtype of the disorder.

Evidence differs on whether memantine is a useful adjunct to bipolar treatment. But it does suggest interesting immune phenomena underlying the condition.

For bipolar patients on long-term lithium treatment, vigilance for cardiac adverse effects is warranted.

Bipolar disorder stands out in genetic studies. Errors in sperm production may increase the risk in offspring, as may having a similarly affected parent.


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