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Suicide: Troops' Families to Get Condolence Letters

Suicide: Troops' Families to Get Condolence Letters

President Obama announced that he would begin sending letters of condolence to the families of troops who kill themselves in combat zones. He noted that this was a decision that was made after a difficult and exhaustive review of the former policy and he added, “I did not make it lightly…This issue is emotional, painful and complicated but these Americans served our nation bravely. They didn’t die because they were weak.”

Long Campaign to Change

There has been a long standing campaign to get the President to change the previous policy, led by families who had soldiers die by suicide. Various veteran groups, members of Congress and  mental health professions, including myself have been publicly advocating that the President change the policy . . . Click here to read more . . .

Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on Dr Blumenfeld's blog at http://www.psychiatrytalk.com. Click here to read the remainder of this article. Dr Blumenfield invites you also to listen to his interviews on http://www.shrinkpod.com/.

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