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Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular Diseases

Study results presented at the 2015 AHA meeting reinforce, once again, the critical role of persistent patient education on treatment adherence.

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New guidelines recommend that testosterone replacement therapy be restricted to men who have stable disease, only after a discussion of the potential risks and benefits.

About that apple-a-day—is there proof it keeps the doctor away? Find out in this slide-show summary of some well-known, and lesser-known, facts about apples and good health.

In this short set of slides we review the potential for widespread impact by PCSK9 inhibitors on CV health as well as issues that may keep progress slow.

Cigarette smoking has declined but remains a leading cause of illness and death in the US. If there is anything you don’t know about the current state of smoking, you’ll find it in these slides.

The 2 novel antihyperlipidemic drugs could change the face of CVD management and prevention. Get the basics on both offered in these slides.

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From ACG 2015: Managing these complex patients requires a multidisciplinary approach--something like cardiogastroenterology.


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