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A lawyer examines current events from a legal perspective, keeping physicians informed on what they need to know.


As the "Triple Aim" evolves into the "Quadruple Aim," locum tenens physicians become even more vital to achieving your goals.

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Part 1 of a 2-part series on developing a more stress resilient brain and being able to more effectively run your practice.

Doctors and their staff are vulnerable to computer viruses, one of the few things they didn't learn to diagnose and treat in medical school.


With their livelihood on the line, doctors need to be careful with who they listen to while seeking asset protection.

Got a challenging case—a patient for whom the diagnosis is unclear or uncertain? Want a diagnostic opinion? This is a call for cases. Michael First, MD—a nationally recognized expert on psychiatric diagnosis and assessment issues—will review details and offer insights on select cases.

Having a short and sweet medical record is one way to make your doctor's job easier. This doctor found a patient that he especially loves.


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