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All types of antidepressants have been found to be effective for major depression with comorbid substance dependence.

This article summarizes the reasons for switching an antipsychotic and explains when it becomes necessary to switch, as well as how the switch is best accomplished.

Demonstrating the importance of psychiatric advance directives and the benefits and obstacles involved in implementing them.

Drug interactions are more frequent in elderly patients because more medications are taken. In addition, drug interactions may be more serious because of insufficient physiological reserves. When new medications are started or stopped in elderly patients, it is very important to take note of potential interactions with other drugs or foods.

Assessing signs of problems associated with medication pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics in older patients.

An overview of the characteristics of auditory hallucinations in people with psychiatric illness, and a brief review of treatment options.

Hans Asperger considered the disorder a personality factor rather than a developmental issue. How things have changed.


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