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Year in Review: 2015 CMEs

Year in Review: 2015 CMEs

Here is a year's worth of free CMEs you can take right now. Each respective slide links to its corresponding article. The end of each article links to the test. Good luck!


it would be very handy if the 'note the quiz is only available for one year after publication' clause were written at the beginning of the articles.....instead of putting the time into it only to find there is no quiz cos its 6mnths past use by!!

scott @

To "scott"
Each article has a separate link. When you click on the link, you will see an expiration date, which is 18 months after publication.
The Editors

PsychTimes @

Don't know what I should do, unable to forward the slides and not link found to the slide, any settings need to be changed? Thanks.

Weixin @

Thanks, very timely and relevant!

Mary @

I was not able to get access to customer service of the CME outfitter site.

Peter @

This is fabulous- all these CME's in one place. Great topics, too. Thank you!

jean @

How wonderfully generous of you! All opened for me without any difficulty. Much appreciated, although the CE hour would not count for my profession. The information is excellent, though, and most useful THANK YOU..

Merrilee Nolan @

Unable to open any of the links to the CME articles.
Particularly interested as I currently am the Health Advisor (R/N registration) for a NZ organisation who cares for Mental Health residents, TBI residents and A&D Addiction Residents with multiple issues who cannot live safely in the community.
I would appreciate some assistance with accessing these CME topics.
A link to each CME article is under the respective slide in the caption area.
-The Editors

Cheryl @

I cannot get the cme article when I click on January

You can click the article link in the caption area below each slide.
-The Editors

Marshall @

I did not take all the offered CME articles. The ones i did do were most informative and i enjoyed them.



manhar @


Rizwan @

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