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Cultural Psychiatry

Cultural Psychiatry


What does mandated electronic prescribing have to do with that old show, Twilight Zone?

Almost everyone can benefit from psychotherapy at some point in their lives.

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I hope readers look seriously at what the Presidential candidates have to say—or if they say anything at all—about addressing the current and increasing disaster in the mental health system before casting their votes.

“Googling” a patient does not seem much different from the old-fashioned obtaining of collateral information, but the ramifications may be far more than you bargain for.

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It’s not health care expenses that are driving up costs.

John Hinckley's release after a 35-year stint in a psychiatric facility, legalized heroin, older patients facing depression alone. These stories and more in this month's roundup.

BOOK REVIEW Voices of Hope for Mental Illness: Not Against, With


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