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Cultural Psychiatry

Cultural Psychiatry

With the modern office environment comes another type of “climate change”—designed to shape workers psychologically.

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A report on the psychiatric effects of environmental and chemical toxins.

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Suggestions for what psychiatry can do to alleviate, contain, and eventually prevent or avoid the demolition of culture and health.

When was the last time in the midst of a presidential campaign that psychiatric diagnostic criteria were being discussed so widely?


Patients want to know what to expect with a given treatment, how their experiences compare with those of others, or whether they are alone in coping with their conditions. Who best to answer these questions than others like them?

"Adopting technology for myself is one thing. It’s something completely different when technology is available for my patients and I’m not using it."


An important questions for clinicians is whether treatment of a psychiatric disorder will enhance or diminish creativity.


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