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Cultural Psychiatry

Cultural Psychiatry

Editors' picks this month include stories on ECT, schizophrenia, the Paris attacks, nutritional psychiatry (really), and the prescription opioid epidemic.

A poem written by a psychiatrist: "A faith in human kindness lost, abandonment with lasting cost."

A report on Medicaid and Medicare fraud, excessive waste, and frivolous expenditures—all at the expense of those who suffer from psychiatric illness.

What is behind the glaring lack of controls over prescription drug costs, even for everyday medications?

A little bit of narcissism can make a leader. “Too much” can be a problem. On the nature of leadership from a psychological perspective.

In this issue of Psychiatric Times, the authors cover climate change, women's health issues, forensic psychiatry, addiction and AIDS, cultural psychiatry, and other clinically useful topics.

Editors' picks this month include stories on future directions in leadership, schizophrenia research, mental health in the workplace, and big changes around the corner.


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