Gastrointestinal Disorders

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Many caveats govern the management of hepatitis B during pregnancy. Do you know which antiviral drugs are classified as pregnancy category B?

No gallstones were found on RUQ ultrasound in this 45-year-old patient, but a polyp was seen. How would you proceed?

Some patients with upper GI bleeding can be sent home after endoscopy; others require extended treatment and inpatient observation.

This patient's presentation also included a pruritic rash around the nasolabial region and inguinal folds. What type of deficiency would you test for?

Here: a close-up look at one cause of upper GI bleeds, as well as bezoars, stromal tumor, appendicolith, and Kaposi sarcoma.

Have you heard of FODMAPS? Here: questions about these carbohydrates and also on onychomycosis and other lumps and bumps.

New study data suggest that routine placement of such a tube is not helpful in patients with upper GI bleeding.


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