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Geriatric Psychiatry

Preventing Alzheimer Disease in Your Sleep?

Will sleep be the key to identifying early markers and interventions to Alzheimer disease?

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Geriatric Psychiatry

Sleep disorders represent a significant problem in patients with Alzheimer disease. Here: assessment strategies and a review of drug and non-drug interventions.


Do cholinesterase inhibitors lead to weight loss in older adults with dementia? Here's a wrap up of a large study of patients in a real-world setting who had newly started these medications.

Eating disorders can frequently be unrecognized or masked behind medical conditions, depression, or the natural changes of aging.

The clock drawing test is useful for diagnosing dementia, but can it differentiate Alzheimer disease (AD) from other forms of dementia?

With an aging population and subsequent predicted increase in incidence of Alzheimer disease, identifying early markers and interventions is on the fast track. Will sleep be the key?

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The cultural aspects of treating patients are similar for all age-groups, but certain themes have greater relevance with the elderly.

Many of us are seeing patients who have been prescribed potentially addicting medication by another physician, and our level of vigilance needs to be high.


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