Few primary care clinicians in the US are likely to face this rare but deadly disease in daily practice. But if one of your patients had symptoms or was infected, would you make the decision to help treat?

While it is unlikely that Ebola will become a problem for most clinicians in the US, it is prudent to be prepared. Test your knowledge of this rare, but deadly disease with a clinical scenario.

Could the common herpes simplex virus be associated with Alzheimer disease? These researchers think it is possible.

The outbreak of Ebola in West Africa rightly has become a world health crisis. But there are other casualties of the outbreak that we don't hear much about.

This is the first Ebola outbreak in an urban setting, which has made control more difficult without the better barrier protection available in the developed world.

New study findings do not suggest a need for a change in vaccine policy, but even a small increased risk could have an effect on public health.

The guidelines establish consistency for emergency care workers and reflect lessons learned from the recent experiences of US hospitals.


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