Mental Health

Mental Health

A new study shows that social interaction may offer protection against this leading cause of death among men in the United States.

This just in: Medicare reimburses physicians 3 to 5 times more for common procedural care than for cognitive care.

Clipping the hardened toenails of a mentally ill patient made me wonder whose hands care for the feet of countless others who can't care for themselves.

One simple addition, basketball, is doing more for health and mental health in this community than months or years of therapy or any number of medications or office visits with me.

Most doctors are burned out, overworked, or exhausted. Physicians rarely ask for help.

Hormones, particularly transdermal estradiol, may help women maintain mood, cognition and memory in middle-age and beyond. “What we have learned the past decade is that not all estrogens are the same,” said ACOG presenter Sarah Berga, MD, of Women’s Health at Wake Forrest School of Medicine, “and that the differences can be critical.”

My first patient had so many things wrong; he left before I could examine his heart and lungs, ask about chest pain, or reconcile his medication list. After his visit, veteran clinic staff noted they hadn’t seen Jim for years and were surprised he had come in at all. I felt the totality of my medical education had been squandered. They kindly reminded me it had just begun.


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