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Military Mental Health

Mini Quiz: Violence and Psychosis

Test your skills on violence, threat of violence, and psychosis. ©BudnichenkoOksana/Shutterstock

Military Mental Health

An inside account of what many of our service men and women endure in order to serve their country.

The work of these military psychiatrists who passed away in recent years still has relevance for us.

Source: Forbes. February 5, 2013.

It would be logical to attribute the surge of suicides in the military to simultaneous prolonged engagement in combat, repeated deployments, and attendant stress. But studies have failed to connect deployments to suicide risk.


The Psychiatric Transition Program at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego is a specialized first-episode psychosis program that provides coordinated specialty care to active-duty service members with serious mental illness.

Are mind-body treatments really effective in treating PTSD? Find out in this quiz.

After leaving active duty, when are veterans at greatest for suicide?

Here’s the major ingredient in a new psychotherapy for bipolar disorder.


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