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Nocturnal Paroxysmal Dystonia

Nocturnal Paroxysmal Dystonia

Neurotechnologic devices are proving themselves in clinical medicine. Many of these devices offer several distinct advantages over traditional pharmaceutical-based therapies: their effects are reversible, they are often cheaper than pharmaceuticals, and they solve therapy adherence issues. "If a problem occurs, you can turn off the device; or if the disease evolves over time, you can dynamically adjust the device," explained Ali R. Rezai, MD, chairman of the Center for Neurological Restoration at the Cleveland Clinic.

Parkinson disease, depression, hallucinations, psychosis, suicidality, motor control, psychiatric adverse effects

Sleep-associated movement disorders are common in the general population. When patients complain of sleep disturbance, psychiatrists should consider,
and question for, features of nocturnal movement disorder.

Huntington disease, neurogenetics, George Sumner Huntington, Systematic Evaluation of Treatments for Huntington's Disease, Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Restraints and seclusion have been used for many years in emergency departments (EDs) and psychiatric emergency services (PESs), but anecdotal case reports and newspaper investigations as well as clinical advances have led to restrictions in their use.

An estimated 18,500 cases of primary cancer of the brain and CNS will be diagnosed this year, according to the American Cancer Society (Cancer Facts and Figures 2005;

Levodopa (l-dopa) and dopamine agonists are the main treatment for Parkinson disease (PD), but these therapies are of limited value in the long course of the illness because they counter a neurotransmitter deficit but do not halt neurodegeneration. In this main article and in an accompanying story, we offer an update on the status of Parkinson treatments today.


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