Tools to help measure quality and safety in radiology as presented at ARRS 2015.

It's easy to burn out and much harder to slow down in day-to-day medical practice. I found a simple process that might help fan the flame when it sputters.

Potential approaches to devising strategies that may allow amelioration of this disease are revealed in a recent study. But questions remain.

Adult Psychiatrist and a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist - Berkeley

Tue, 2015-04-28 12:36 -- jleo

Bay Psychiatric Associates, a well-established collegial group in Berkeley, California seeks an Adult Psychiatrist and a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist for full-time positions combining hospital-based inpatient, C/L and PHP work along with an office practice. Our psychiatrists enjoy an uncommonly high level of professional satisfaction, camaraderie and autonomy within a group setting. Reimbursement is productivity-based with a generous benefit package and is very competitive with the San Francisco Bay Area.

Circadian components are profound in depressive disorders, such seasonal affective disorder. This article introduces a course to be given at this year’s APA Meeting in Toronto, on melatonin and light treatment.

Medicare claims data yield up the exact toll of out-of-pocket costs to rheumatoid arthritis patients taking disease-modifying drugs. And an online survey of patients reveals how much they fear losing their DMARD for cost reasons.

Worse strokes are more likely to occur in patients who are resistant to aspirin. Better ways to identify those patients are needed.

While creditor protection for IRAs is provided by law, there are several other important asset-protection issues doctors need to consider.


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