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Video: Right ear pain and purulent drainage have not improved despite antibiotic Rx several days ago. Watch the exam. What's your Dx?

Results of a new study found that each 20 mmHg increase in SBP was associated with a 58% higher risk for new onset type 2 DM.

Artificial beta cell systems and insulin pumps went head-to-head in two trials with type 1 diabetes patients.

A look at three radiologists who left their practices to train in fellowships.

Outpatient Adult/Child Psychiatry

Thu, 2015-10-08 10:40 -- jleo

Outpatient adult and child psychiatry positions available with The Samaritan Center, a comprehensive behavioral health center. Services include diagnostic evaluations, individual, family and group therapy, substance abuse services, medicine evaluation and management, and psychological testing. Exceptional support systems in place so you can concentrate on patients, not paperwork. Be involved in a new psychiatry residency program starting in 2017.

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There are 752 pages covering the changes to Stage 2 of meaningful use and finalizing Stage 3. We’ve whittled that down to five major takeaways.

You knew it was coming; you prepared and prepared; you had meetings, you stayed late; you were ready. So, how'd it go?


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