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Community Psychiatry’s goal is to provide patients with knowledgeable, compassionate psychiatrists and providers with the time to focus on delivering the best possible care. Our group of doctors has now grown to 21 private practice offices around San Francisco, San Jose, and Sacramento, California and Ann Arbor, Michigan. The company currently employs psychiatrists in groups of about three psychiatrists per office.  We are currently seeking a Psychiatrist for our Manteca, CA location. This is a salaried, FT position.

Minorities remain less likely to receive diagnosis and treatment for their mental illness and more likely to die by suicide. As ethnocultural diversity within the US grows, psychiatrists are increasingly evaluating attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of a broad spectrum of ethnocultural groups.

Digital abnormalities; oral candidiasis and HIV-infection; extra dose of MMR; penile rash . . . here: a range of topics to challenge you.

High volume can make the imaging services sector vulnerable to revenue loss, check out these tips for improving revenue cycle management.

Treatment of patients with diabetes can be difficult, and specific concerns arise in the older population regarding the safety and efficacy of this high-alert medication.

Letrozole, a breast cancer drug, was compared with clomiphene as a fertility treatment for women with polycystic ovary syndrome. Find out which drug performed best.

Examining youths from a developmental lens will enable us to design more sophisticated studies that track associations that arise between children and their environments over time.


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