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One doctor and her husband made a huge mistake in not being proactive with asset protection. It cost them dearly.

MRI shows brain changes in children who play football even if not diagnosed with concussion.


What does mandated electronic prescribing have to do with that old show, Twilight Zone?

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Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton? Many physicians are having a hard time picking either and healthcare isn't the reason why.

BC/BE Psychiatrist for Crisis Care Clinic

Fri, 2016-10-21 14:08 -- jleo

The Prevention and Recovery Center of Houston, Texas is seeking a BC/BE Psychiatrist to assist in a newly established Crisis Care Clinic. Affiliated with Memorial Hermann Hospital, this outpatient clinic located in Central Houston is the third of four to be developed. With the assistance of Social Workers, these clinics will transform the current delivery of mental health. Patients of all ages will be treated. Call shared with other providers. Flexibility with schedule is necessary.


One independent doctor says that he treats his career as a profession, not as a job. As such, hurricanes don't stop him from practicing medicine.

The 16-year-old is upset by a new outbreak of “acne” and the prom is in 2 weeks. But is it acne? And what’s that bruise?


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