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What’s the ideal scenario for radiologist compensation?

The asymptomatic rash came on quickly and is prominent on the boy's trunk and arms. Close-ups of the lesions in these slides may help you make the Dx.

Anxiety is a fundamental aspect of the human experience, but if it impacts social, psychological, or physiological functioning, it can lead to symptoms that cause distress and impairment. Here: the latest on anxiety disorders by experts in the field.


It's no wonder contact lenses are associated with infections. Just about everyone who wears them engages in "risky behavior' involving improper care and handling.

A look at what radiologist and patient factors play a role in false-positive mammography.

Full Time Staff Psychiatrists - Salisbury

Thu, 2015-08-27 09:43 -- jleo

W.G. (Bill) HEFNER VETERANS AFFFAIRS MEDICAL CENTER,  SALISBURY, NC is seeking full-time staff Psychiatrists. Duties may include not only clinical assignments, but also teaching and supervision of residents and students. Clinical locations include Salisbury, Charlotte, and Winston-Salem with duties including: ·   General Inpatient and Outpatient Psychiatry


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