When it comes to healthcare, new practice models seem to be cropping up daily. Some of these models are bumping into a seemingly intransigent force — large insurance companies.

Staff Psychiatrist - CSU Health Network

Thu, 2014-04-17 13:47 -- jleo

The CSU Health Network at Colorado State University is recruiting for a Staff Psychiatrist. The main function of the position is to care for patients with acute and chronic psychiatric conditions including substance use problems. The position collaborates with others within and outside of the CSU Health Network to ensure that patients receive optimal care. Candidates are expected to have the ability to advance the department's commitment to diversity and inclusion.

25-year-old man presents with progressive lower extremity weakness.

Don’t let time constraints and large patient loads prevent you from providing a thorough well-woman visit. Are you covering all the bases?

Chances are you've heard about the Heartbleed Bug, but you may not realize the threats to your medical practice. Here's what you need to know.

Insights from a recent search on SearchMedica 

Despite symptoms such as hematuria and dysuria, doctors often miss bladder cancer among women or catch it only at an advanced stage.

A greater focus on potential barriers may help prevent errors, increased costs, and poor patient outcomes.


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