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Despite symptoms such as hematuria and dysuria, doctors often miss bladder cancer among women or catch it only at an advanced stage.

A greater focus on potential barriers may help prevent errors, increased costs, and poor patient outcomes.

An observational study finds that regularly drinking low-fat milk slows joint narrowing in arthritic knees. Needs confirmation, but the idea is harmless and promising.

(ACR Pediatrics 2014) Large research partnerships are proving key to conquering childhood rheumatic diseases like juvenile idiopathic arthritis. To continue the advance, however, larger mergers and newer kinds of data are required.

Prolonged bleeding as women transition into menopause is common. Although disconcerting, these changes generally require nothing more than watchful waiting.

Back and neck complaints rank among the top reasons for visits to primary care physicians. Take this week’s photo quiz to test your knowledge of these sometimes mysterious disorders.

Clear and well-respected boundaries between medical practice managers and physicians are essential. Here's how to better define them.

BC / BE Psychiatrists - Forensic and Adult Mental Health - GA DBHDD

Tue, 2014-04-15 17:14 -- jleo

The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities is currently seeking board-certified and board eligible Psychiatrists to work in Forensic and Adult Mental Health services at our five hospitals located in Atlanta, Savannah, Milledgeville, Columbus, and Augusta Georgia. Our facilities provide academic affiliations and promote academic collaborations, along with an excellent benefits package and competitive salary. 


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