COPD challenges, asthma in children, smoking deaths—highlights of recent research findings in these key areas of respiratory disease.

Women who use acetaminophen or NSAIDs regularly for years appear to be at increased risk for psoriatic arthritis, data from the Nurses Health Study reveal.

(AAOS2015) Patients with inflammatory arthritis appear to be at less risk for complications from knee or hip replacement than those with osteoarthritis, a large national database reveals. But those with ankylosing spondylitis have greater risk.

Geriatric Psychiatrist - Hoboken, NJ

Sun, 2015-03-29 13:55 -- jleo

Hoboken, NJ – Seeking Geriatric Psychiatrist on a 17-bed inpatient geropsychiatric unit in the CarePoint Health med/surg hospital in Hoboken.  Offering a VERY attractive compensation package which includes a salary with benefits plus a Medical Director stipend for part-time administrative responsibilities. Work with a wonderful team of BH professionals. Please contact Terry B.

[VIDEO] Insight into retirement in radiology.


Should physicians use our craft to assist our patient's deaths to fulfill our obligation to alleviate suffering? Here are two sides of the argument.

Give credit to radiologists when credit is due.


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