25-year-old man presents with progressive lower extremity weakness.

Don’t let time constraints and large patient loads prevent you from providing a thorough well-woman visit. Are you covering all the bases?

Insights from a recent search on SearchMedica 

Despite symptoms such as hematuria and dysuria, doctors often miss bladder cancer among women or catch it only at an advanced stage.

A greater focus on potential barriers may help prevent errors, increased costs, and poor patient outcomes.

How to determine what to look for in an EHR and how to make a smart selection.

Bundling payments for care episodes is gaining popularity among payers. It is episodic risk-sharing, and it can be risky business for physicians.

An observational study finds that regularly drinking low-fat milk slows joint narrowing in arthritic knees. Needs confirmation, but the idea is harmless and promising.

(ACR Pediatrics 2014) Large research partnerships are proving key to conquering childhood rheumatic diseases like juvenile idiopathic arthritis. To continue the advance, however, larger mergers and newer kinds of data are required.


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