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Even though financial and legislative challenges are making it harder to be a physician, docs tell us they haven't given up.

This Q&A series explores radiology’s role in overdiagnosis in a variety of conditions. Here, we discuss psychiatry.

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High hemoglobin is less common than low and often more confusing. Find answers to your questions about this lab abnormality here.

Florida Licensed BE/BC Psychiatrist Needed

Tue, 2015-09-01 07:16 -- jleo

Florida Licensed BE/BC psychiatrist needed for a Joint Commission Accredited community mental health center and psychiatric hospital. Excellent benefits and location.Contact: Alexandra Abad, program manager, Jerome Golden Center for Behavioral Health, 1041 45th street, West Palm Beach, Fl 33407. Phone: (561) 383-5917; Fax: (561) 514-1239; Email: aabad@goldenctr.org

Growing evidence supports the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption, but some studies suggest otherwise. Look here for the pros and cons of drinking beer.

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We all know it’s important to insert breathing room into our lives, so why is doing this so hard? It’s important to accept our limits.

For this “10 Questions” series, we spoke with Bibb Allen, Jr, MD, about his work and the future of radiology.


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