New reviews discuss the neurobiology of fibromyalgia, assessing the best treatment options, both pharmaceutical and behavioral.

(ACR Pediatrics 2014) Children growing into young adults with rheumatic diseases often fail to get the care they need, for numerous complicated reasons. The ACA could change all this, with implications for adult rheumatologists. Here, a brief look at the situation and some solutions.

In just 20 years, rates of ADHD have tripled and autism and childhood bipolar disorder have increased forty fold. The last thing our kids need is to be misdiagnosed with “Sluggish Cognitive Tempo” and bathed in even more stimulant meds. More in this opinion piece.

Arizona joins 14 other states in requiring breast density patient notification.

Payers are using deceptive methods to get medical practices to accept low rates and new plans. Don't fall into the trap.

Fulfilling the teleradiologist requirement to have annual PPD tests has taught me important life lessons.

A new pilot study demonstrates the ability of a blood-based test to detect metastatic breast cancer recurrence with high sensitivity and specificity.

Medical Director - Greater Salt Lake City

Thu, 2014-04-17 18:00 -- jleo

MEDICAL DIRECTORGreater Salt Lake City, UtahInterested in joining the leadership team of a unique psychiatric hospital with no managed care and the time to really understand and fully treat your patients?Our Facility• 26-bed private specialty psychiatric hospital for youths 13-17 years of age• Licensed and Joint Commission accredited w/ a 4-6 week ALOS


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