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Blogcast of Shadow: A Blow So Appalling

Blogcast of Shadow: A Blow So Appalling

Here, we present a recorded version of Dr James Knoll's Tales from the New Asylum. . .Shadow: A Blow So Appalling.

Here’s why it is painful to see a man cry: he's not supposed to. Emotions are arresting when society tells us they should not be expressed. In the case of a grown man crying, there are some thousands of years of cultural training laying down the prohibitive regulations. These prohibitions gave added emphasis to Gabe’s forceful, agonized sobbing. Crying may be easily faked. Yet the type of crying that results in copious mucous and tears streaming from one’s nostrils would be taxing, even for the elite malingerer.

Gabe was in prison for killing a prostitute. During a bout of hyper-sexuality, intoxication, and paranoia, he believed the prostitute intended to rob him...


BlogCast: Tales from the New Asylum—Shadow

BlogCast: Tales from the New Asylum—Shadow

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Narrated by: Taylor Hine   •   Produced by: Ryan Bova

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