There probably isn't anyone who is not a Robin Williams fan and admired his wonderful talent. Everybody experiences his loss and death as something personal. More in this podcast.

What treatments are effective for mild chronic depression in older patients? Are there novel antidepressant medications with fewer adverse effects than current treatments? In this podcast, experts report on the latest updates in the evaluation and treatment of depression in older adults.

Is bipolar disorder overdiagnosed? Underdiagnosed? Neither? In this podcast, Dr S. Nassir Ghaemi offers his perspective on those questions.

Agitation is a spectrum of symptoms . . . it can go all the way from being irritable up to pacing to lashing out to clenched fists to outright violence. Intervention via de-escalation techniques at an early stage is optimal. More in this podcast.

What are the psychological and physiological effects of persistent loneliness? How prevalent in the US? What role can cognitive behavioral therapy play for persistently lonely people? In this podcast, an expert offers a brief overview of this underappreciated, but often overlooked, problem.

In this podcast, B. Andrew Farah, MD looks at shortcomings of current therapy that make treatment-resistant depression so common, offers insights into the genetic underpinnings of TRD, and focuses on a new treatment paradigm.

In this podcast, Dr Eric Plakun give an overview of key points and psychodynamic principles on treatment-resistent mood disorders, based on research and clinical experience.


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