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Trauma and PTSD: What's Your Take?

Trauma and PTSD: What's Your Take?

When counseling trauma victims and patients with PTSD, do you ask them to retell the trauma or do you think this prolongs it?

We have received several comments on our various social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, etc) in answer to this question. Here are a couple:

-It depends on the situation, I follow my patient's lead and my own instinct about what they feel is needed to help them heal. Sometimes it is essential that someone knows what they have been through in all the terrible detail.

-Sometimes people gain awareness through retelling their traumatic experiences and learn something they previously didn't know which also helps them to move on. If you follow their lead and be patient-centered, they won't feel so compelled to tell their story and it will naturally come out when they are ready.

This is a complex question and the answers are as varied as trauma scenarios—still,  would like to know your initial thoughts. We invite you to comment below and Join the Conversation.

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