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Malpractice Pitfalls: Tips To Help You Manage Risk

Malpractice Pitfalls: Tips To Help You Manage Risk

Can patient care still be your greatest concern, given today’s litigious landscape? Does patient-focused care need to take a back seat against protecting yourself from malpractice?

In his presentation, “Malpractice Pitfalls and Risk Management for Psychiatrists,” which you can watch here, Attorney Kevin Hulslander addresses these all important issues.  Mr Hulslander is a trial lawyer and appellate advocate with a focus on defending products liability, professional and medical malpractice, and construction and premises liability cases. As an insider, he offers guidance that may help you navigate your way through a court of law.

Here, you’ll hear details about the importance of:

• Diligent documentation
• Patient education and informed consent (eg, ECT and antipsychotic medication)
• Vigorous follow up
• Discussing the short- and long-term side effects of psychotropic medications

Attorney Hulslander also offers a list of ground rules that, when violated, often lead to malpractice lawsuits. For example:

• Do not allow patients to pay for services by doing personal favors (eg, mow your lawn, babysit, run errands)
• Know when it is time to terminate the doctor-patient relationship, and do so appropriately and in a timely manner
• Do not open a high risk issue in your notes without closing it with a reasonable intervention—in other words, don’t leave loose ends.

This video was recorded at a CME conference on August 2, 2012, at the 4th Annual SUNY Upstate Forensic Psychiatry Conference.  This year, the conference focused exclusively on various topics related to psychiatric malpractice and its prevention. (See attached flier)

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