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Antipsychotics and Breast Cancer Risk

Antipsychotics and Breast Cancer Risk

View the slides in PDF format. Also see: Schizophrenia's Lethal Infection.


Hi!: thanks for the interesting report, but I won't support any conclusion from it.

If the age of the Risperidone group was above 70 yo, vs less than 50 for other drugs, and in the Risperidone group you found a higher incidence of Dementia, as could have been expected in a group of elderly women, one of the conclusions that can be suspected is that Demented women were receiving Risperidone for the Dementia itself or for some kind of symptom going along with Dementia, what in fact, it's not only out of approved indications, but approaches the malpractice frame, even if sometimes comfortable for those around patient.

BMI is an issue that is not discussed in the slides, but would deserve an specific subgroup analysis and stratification. Overweight and Obesity are linked to higher Breast cancer risk, thru many and complex mechanisms, and almost all anti-psychotics, as a matter of fact, most psychiatric drugs, do induce noticeable weight gain.

The report is interesting for the many questions it opens, but not very much problem-solving.

Jose @

Was there a reason that no control group was utilized?

howard @

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