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This slideshow features common scenarios in which a planned discontinuation of psychotropic medications occurs.

Have antipsychotic and placebo responses in acute schizophrenia changed over time?

Difference between classic and retrograde neurotransmission

Here's why psychiatrists and other mental health professionals need to understand the relationship between cannabis and mental disorders.


Because patients who have psychiatric illnesses typically receive less frequent medical care, psychiatrists must aim to ensure appropriate monitoring of metabolic parameters when antipsychotic medications are used.


We’ve been waiting since 1953, the year chlorpromazine was introduced to the US as a revolutionary treatment for schizophrenia, for an active treatment for tardive dyskinesia that the FDA judged to be effective.

Current research investigates new pathophysiologic mechanisms and lays the groundwork for redefining schizophrenia based on distinct medical subclasses—which may lead to more targeted and effective treatments. Details here.


How does a pituitary result in a psychiatric emergency? Read more clues to this clinical puzzle.


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