Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal Allergies

Allergic rhinitis and the “allergic triad,” allergy tests for children, allergic asthma, acute urticaria, a lipstick allergy, allergic contact dermatitis of the scalp—these images show a range of common allergic conditions.

indoor allergens

Spring is here and brings with it the peak allergy season. Patients will present with a variety of allergic diseases, both seasonal and otherwise. This week’s photo quiz tests your knowledge of these disorders.

Diabetes progress; folic acid and autism; acupuncture and allergic rhinitis; depression and shingles vaccine; HMP virus alert.

Acupuncture for patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis was found to be more effective than antihistamine use or a sham intervention.

To allay children's fears about immunizations or allergy shots, keep a pocket-sized, battery-operated radio in the office.

Physical clues to allergic rhinitis include the allergic crease on the dorsum of the nose and allergic "shiners" or periorbital ecchymosis.

For my patients who use nasal spray, I advise them to use the right hand to spray into the left nostril and the left hand to spray into the right nostril.


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