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Society’s Chemical Noose: A Look at Substance Abuse and Suicide

Society’s Chemical Noose: A Look at Substance Abuse and Suicide

  • Suicide and substance abuse
  • Substance abuse & addiction are associated with an increased risk of suicide
  • Suicide victims - Substance and alcohol abuse
  • Alcohol often plays a role in suicide cases.
  • Alcohol takes the lead in substances involved in suicides.
  • People who committed suicide by substance abuse
  • The difference between men and women's suicides rates are equally staggering.
  • With proper care and treatment, the tragedy of suicide can be prevented.

Substance abuse and addiction are commonly associated with an increased risk of suicide. Alcohol abuse plays a key role in suicide attempts and completions; prescription drugs are a close second. The causes of suicide for men and women are different but the suicide rates are equally staggering.

Infographic created by 12 Keys Recovery.


Bad title, should be alcohol use & suicide. Meaningless statistics, not necessarily showing regular substance abuse which was implied or stated in headline and slides.

Perhaps the high correlation with a alcohol in suicide is because a) it increases courage/decreases inhibition to go ahead with a planned suicide; and b) "everyone knows" alcohol increases the effects of sedating drugs & decreases respiration when falling asleep/passing out from drugs with the alcohol. This is just blatant propaganda with no place in a serious professional publication without critical analysis.

.Mindy Machanic, PH.D.

Mindy @

It is epidemic and destroying our society as well as the collective unconscious we once had as a Nation!

James Pick MD

James @

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