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Urologic Diseases

Urologic Diseases

Two new studies have found that metabolic syndrome and weight loss surgery can independently affect urinary symptoms.

Subungual infection; “raccoon eyes;” bed bug bites. . . a quiz to challenge you.

When it comes to the prostate, most men in this study couldn’t locate it or identify its function. Translation: patients and physicians don’t speak the same language. Clinicians need to be “bilingual” when they’re talking with patients.

Rhabdomyolysis is linked to infection in up to 31% of cases. However, only 19 cases of rhabdomyolysis related to E coli infection have been reported.

The use of weighted vaginal cones for stress urinary incontinence is more effective than no treatment at all, the evidence shows.

The news: elevated levels of FGF are a new risk factor for death in chronic kidney disease—a clinical situation replete with cardiovascular disease. Here: how practice should change in the face of these newly identified nontraditional cardiovascular risk factors in CKD.

Cystoscopic injection of Botox causes the bladder musculature to relax increasing the organ's storage capacity, and reducing episodes of urinary incontinence.


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