To give the meningococcal B vaccine or not to give it?

 The ACIP has added another indication for routine administration of Gardasil 9.

You’re on second base, batter’s up; coaches on 2 and 3 give crossed signals; the owner glares from his box. Substitute pharma, the FDA, and ACIP and it may feel the same.

MMR, Yes or No

Two small children, two opportunities to administer the live MMR vaccine. Who gets the shot and who does not?

There are conditions under which the MMR vaccine should not be given—even when a parent begs. Which of the children in these 4 scenarios should not receive the vaccination?

Vaccine safety topics for parents

When parents play out worst case scenarios in protest against routine vaccination, maybe one or two of these 6 options for response will come in handy.

The reappearance of measles has reignited debate in some quarters about the issue of vaccine safety.


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