Author | Rajesh R. Tampi, MD, MS, DFAPA


COVID-19: Quick Self-Check for Health Professionals

April 22, 2020


Rajesh R. Tampi, MD, MS, DFAPA, provides guidance for frontline health professionals and caregivers to mitigate stress and burden.

Parkinson Disease Psychosis

April 14, 2020


Parkinson disease psychosis is associated with worsening quality of life, greater caregiver distress, higher rates of institutionalization, increased mortality, and greater health care costs. The authors explore medical, psychosocial, and psychological factors associated with PD psychosis.

Managing Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia

March 20, 2020


BPSD is associated with worse outcomes for patients with dementia. Management is not standardized, but protocols generally involve the treatment of underlying symptoms followed by the use of nonpharmacological management techniques and evidence-based pharmacotherapy for refractory BPSD.

Complementary and Integrative Therapies for Mental Health and Aging

July 05, 2016


There is a paucity of information on complementary and integrative therapies, especially when they pertain to the topic of mental health and aging. But that's all changed.

Treatment Challenges of Late Life Psychosis

May 13, 2016


When treating psychosis, dementia, addiction, and other psychiatric illnesses in older patients, clinicians must be prepared for a multitude of scenarios.

Is the Incidence of Dementia Declining?

April 18, 2016


The latest research on the global risk of Alzheimer disease and other dementias.

Managing Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia in the Era of Black Box Warnings

October 30, 2014


An in-depth look into the behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia.

The Challenges of Accountable Care in Behavioral Health

May 02, 2014


Presenting a Q&A with Dr Rajesh Tampi and Deena Tampi on the issue of behavioral health in accountable care. They are co-presenters in a workshop at the APA Annual Meeting titled “The Integration of Behavioral Health in Accountable Care."

Ethical and Legal Issues in Geriatric Psychiatry

May 20, 2013


The presence of a psychiatric diagnosis does not necessarily indicate lack of decisional capacity.

Clinical Manual of Alzheimer Disease and Other Dementias

March 13, 2013


Less common but still important syndromes connected with Alzheimer disease include traumatic brain injury, infectious and inflammatory disorders, alcohol-induced dementia.