Author | Scott L. Zeller, MD


Strategies to Help Manage the Agitated Patient

May 02, 2014


Agitation is a spectrum of symptoms . . . it can go all the way from being irritable up to pacing to lashing out to clenched fists to outright violence. Intervention via de-escalation techniques at an early stage is optimal. More in this podcast.

The Rise in Emergency Psychiatry

May 02, 2014


Emergency psychiatry is helping to redefine acute mental health treatment-facilitating timely access, in less restrictive, outpatient levels of care, for patients in crisis.

Psychiatric Boarding: Averting Long Waits in Emergency Rooms

September 16, 2013


Emergency departments are often forced to hold patients who are acutely dangerous to themselves or others for long periods until an inpatient bed can be obtained.

Best Practice Guidelines For Agitated Patients

March 30, 2012


Agitation can be displayed in patients as loud, disruptive, hostile, sarcastic, threatening, hyperactive, and/or combative. Here are tips on managing agitated patients.

New Guidelines Shake Up Treatment of Agitation

March 27, 2012


Agitated patients who display “excessive verbal and/or motor behavior”-can be loud, disruptive, hostile, sarcastic, threatening, hyperactive, and even combative. This article discusses new best practices and guidelines for agitation.