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Improved Care for Low-Income ADHD Patients

Rising costs and changing treatment trends have sparked concerns about quality of care. Image: ©Aleute/ Shutterstock

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ADHD Research Update: September 2016



The clinical presentation and functional impacts of ADHD in adults vary greatly from their child and adolescent counterparts.

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Integrative psychiatry helps us push deeper into the testing of metabolic, gut, and brain features, which seems more fitting, given our role as physicians.

Potential benefits and benign safety profile of omega-3s indicate a promising intervention.

A growing body of scientific literature associates psychiatric symptoms with man-made toxic substances and environmental exposure. Practical implications for psychiatrists are discussed in this Special Report collection.

Among other findings: Shared genetic factors may account for 91% of the association between adult ADHD and binge eating.

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When ADHD is present, a survey of possible lead exposure can be considered, and here's why.


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