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One of the many facets of bipolar disorder is an energy problem—including at the neuronal level.

Here: a plethora of treatment options, including mood-lifting stabilizers, non-antidepressants, psychotherapy, and lifestyle interventions.

The latest news in geriatric psychiatry covers olfactory deficits in cognitively impaired patients, a smartphone app for older adults with serious mental illness, and adjunctive ketamine for late-life depression.

Despite increasing awareness of the cardiovascular risks, adequate treatment of the metabolic syndrome remains a persistent challenge.

Monitoring patients for 5 key changes can help avert drug toxicity.

The genetics of dementia, dyslipidemia, and diabetes may hold the key to preventive therapy.

The results of a phase 3 trial demonstrated significant benefit over placebo.

The caffeine in your morning cup of java could pack a neuroprotective punch.


In psychiatry, as in every field of medicine, there is still gender disparity in salary and promotion.

On the risk of accepting the practice of psychiatric diagnosis from afar.


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