H. Steven Moffic, MD

H. Steven Moffic, MD

Dr Moffic is an editorial board member of and regular contributor to Psychiatric Times. After an award-filled career focusing on the underserved, he retired from clinical work and his Tenured Professorship at the Medical College of Wisconsin on June 30, 2012. He continues to write, present, and serve on boards devoted to this—and related—ethical concerns. Dr Moffic’s book, The Ethical Way: Challenges and Solutions for Managed Behavioral Healthcare (Jossey-Bass, 1997), was the first on the subject. He has edited ethics columns for 3 psychiatric newsletters.

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Some worry about the adverse psychological effects emerging from the Metropolitan Opera's production of "The Death of Klinghoffer."

The legal benefits of marriage are clear and well-known. But what are the psychological benefits?

Although the brains of men and women are much more similar than different, the hormonal influences on the female brain seem to tend toward verbal agility and deeper relationships.

Clown faces and masks are obvious disguises, but we also disguise ourselves in everyday and therapeutic life, and often therapy has to work through these disguises to get to the core.

Leaders (and really that is all of us in one way or another) have the challenge of understanding and responding to future risk.

There is much concern about any breach at the White House: the most recent intruder could have been shot and possibly killed during his run. Why wasn’t he?

You don't need to be religious to say this prayer . . . do you?

Like all good comedy, there must have been some therapeutic benefits to the laughter Robin Williams and Joan Rivers both elicited.

Given ongoing climate change here on earth, could Mother Earth turn out someday to be Mother Mars?

To me, the following psychiatrists were spectacular in their life work: they often ended it in a blaze of glory-- like the fall leaves -- before they fell silent on the earth.


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